Chacha and Luna's Adventure in Iran

Adventure Location: Mount Damavand, Iran

Mount Damavand
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The Damavand Mountain is the tallest mountain in Iran at 5670m (18,602 ft). The Damavand last erupted about 7,300 years ago. Despite crowds, summer is the most recommended time of year to hike. If you are thinking about hiking, be sure to check out the Mount Demavand five-day route map.

Canine Adventurers: Chacha and Luna

Luna and Chacha's Adventure in IranAdventure Story:

Today we will tell you how we climbed the highest mountain in Iran, the Damavand (5600m). Domestic dogs are more or less illegal in Iran, but every one seemed happy to see us on the trail and took thousands of photos with us. Basecamp was at 4800m where we put up tents and shared sleeping bags with our humans, we love this! The Damavand itself was not too hard, until we reached the freezing storm at the peak. Once we reached the top, we got to slide down the ice and snow. After the fun adventure, we returned to the bottom of Damavand were we found a relaxed place for our van and some giant shepard dogs fell in love with us ... yeah but that is the daily life of a travel dog.

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Damavand Mountain Iran

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