Donny Explores Spray Lakes in Alberta, Canada

Adventure Location: Spray Lakes in Canmore, Alberta, Canada 

Canine Adventurer: Donny

The Great Outdogs, @donny_the_Rescue

Adventure Story

The weather gods blessed us with sunshine and low winds on the day we set out to complete Little Lougheed. It was the perfect afternoon spent at the summit, overlooking the Spray Lakes of Canmore. It was a quick 5.1km hike with a steep incline, but once we reached the top we were rewarded with the most stunning views. It was so quite and peaceful up there, as if the world hit the ‘mute’ button, making it easy to forget about the state of the world these days. After an hour at the top, soaking up the sun rays, we descended with Donny in his k9sportsac to ensure maximal safety (he’s a puller on the way down). Donny was rewarded with lots of treats and us humans treated ourselves to some post-hike bagels. Do yourselves a favor and go on a winter adventure with your pups! 


Recommended Hike: Little Lougheed 


The Great Outdogs, @donny_the_rescue

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Arkell Canoes through Algonquin Park

Adventure Location: Algonquin, Ontario

Canine Adventurer: Arkell

Algonquin, Outblog by The Great Outdogs @dogguide_arkell


Adventure Story

This summer we have taken advantage of camping! Arkell has been great on the canoe and loves going for hikes! Algonquin, Ontario Canada makes for the perfect mix of everything you will ever want as a camper. We spend one day on the water exploring different islands, and our second day we did a great hike to a lookout. So grateful for such an amazing adventure buddy to keep us company. 

Recommended Hike: Track and Tower Trail in Algonquin 

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Waylon and Copper 1st Road Trip to British Columbia, Canada!

Adventure Location: Across Canada - Stops included Moraine Lake and Lake Louise.

Canine Adventurer: Waylon and Copper (4 month old Golden Retrievers)

Lake Louise, Outblog by The Great Outdogs

(Waylon and Copper at Lake Louise in Alberta)

Adventure Story

Our humans took us for a 11 day road trip from Ontario, Canada all the way to BC, Canada. We are only 4 month old golden retrievers. It took about 48 hours to drive this far. We camped in the car the first night, and had several camping spots while we travelled. We got to see mountains for the first time, saw several deer and other wild life. Then we stepped foot into the west coast water! And boy was it nice and cold and refreshing. We did so well traveling that our humans are going to take us to the east coast next summer!! Can’t wait to explore our great beautiful country.

Banff, Outblog by The Great Outdogs
(Waylon and Copper exploring downtown Banff)
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Hatcher Jack's Adventure in Alaska

Exploring Alaska? Check out Hatcher Jack's trip to The Last Frontier.
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Loki Explores AY Jackson Falls in Canada

Looking for an adventure in Ontario? Check out Loki's story to AY Jackson Falls.
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