Loki Explores AY Jackson Falls in Canada

Adventure Location: AY Jackson Falls

AY Jackson falls in Onaping, Ontario, Canada (just 20 minutes north of Sudbury). There are multiple scenic trails all dog-friendly as long as you bring a leash! 

Photo Credit: All Trails

 Canine Adventurer: Loki 

Loki was adopted 2 months ago and he's been nothing short of amazing. He wakes us up with big kisses and always has a waggin' tail! He's filled a hole in our hearts we didn't even know we had.

Adventure Story:

Loki is remarkably calm for a puppy his age and loves to discover new places all over our city! Here he is at AY Jackson falls, acting very serious and curious of the big water moving in front of him. When we're out hiking, you can always count on Loki for finding a perfect chewing stick and watching the birds fly above him. We're so excited to bring Loki on all of our adventures this summer and visiting as many national parks as we can!

Check out more of Loki's adventures @lokionthemove!

AY Jackson Falls Canada Onaping Ontario

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