Blue's Adventure to Tip Top Trail in Johnson City, Tennessee

Adventure Location: Tip Top Trail in Johnson City, Tennessee

The Lone Oak to Tip Top Trail is a dog friendly uphill trail with beautiful views at the top.

Canine Adventurer: Blue, Canine Representative from Pet Treater

Adventure Story:

There are adventures that are special in the way that they are extreme or treacherous, and there are adventures that are special because you simply have your companion with you. This is a story about the latter.  Blue is an amazing pup in the most ordinary of ways. I love dogs, and how appropriately, I work at an amazing company that makes dogs happier and more loved! Pet Treater is a place where I work, but it is also how I treat Blue like the furry family member he is to me! He snuggles (sometimes) and wants his independence other times; He comes when you call him and doesn’t bark unnecessarily. He is calm and great with people and other dogs, and most importantly, he is ALWAYS down for an adventure. Ultimately, he is simply our BEST FRIEND! This trip to Tip Top trail in Johnson City was beautiful with frozen branches and crisp air.  We hiked up the switchbacks to the tip top, where we shared some silence and an amazing view together. Sometimes the quiet and calm moments in life hold the most memorable and extraordinary of experiences. We love Blue! He’s a one-of-a-kind that makes every life adventure better.

Check out more of Blue and Kaylee’s adventures at their Instagram @kayhamart
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Johnson City Tennessee Tip Top Trail

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